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How to Add Links in WordPress 4.5 [VIDEO]


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In WordPress 4.5, the process to edit & add links in WordPress is changing. It’s nothing drastic, but we’ll explain the changes below.

The chain link icons in the WordPress TinyMCE toolbar are not changing. You still click the WordPress add link icons icons to add & edit links. However, what you see in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor will look a little different.

Instead of the old link modal that used to appear, you’ll now see an inline input box. You can either enter an external URL, starting with http://, or start typing keywords to link to existing content on your WordPress site.

WordPress Add Link, 4.4 vs 4.5

How to Add Links in WordPress 4.5

Step-by-step instructions for adding links in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor:

  1. Highlight the text that you want to link
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut (see below) to bring up the new WordPress add/edit link box
  3. FOR EXTERNAL LINKS, type in the URL, starting with http://
  4. FOR INTERNAL LINKS, start typing keywords, and select the post/page from the dropdown list
  5. Press ENTER when you’re finished

If you need to access more advanced options, or to make your link open in a new window/tab, click the WordPress settings cog icon icon (“Link Options”) to open the WordPress link modal.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Links

  • WINDOWS: ctrl + k
  • MAC: cmd + k

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WordPress Add Link Video Tutorial

Once you upgrade, if you have any issues adding links in WordPress 4.5, please let us know in the comments & we’ll do our best to help you out.

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4 responses to “How to Add Links in WordPress 4.5 [VIDEO]”

  1. Ricardo Ribeiro Avatar
    Ricardo Ribeiro

    Shortly, my thoughts are: this new concept sucks. I suspect most of us will still need to go to the former box, meaning that now we need to double click to get there. Wondering if there is a way to deactivate this downgrade in the linking process?

    1. Dave Warfel Avatar

      Ricardo — I have not found a way to revert back to the old link modal by default. I suspect if enough people are frustrated by this change, you’ll see a plugin pop up soon. But from what I’ve heard so far, I think you’re in the minority.

      You can still enter a custom URL or search for your own existing content to link to from the new inline link editor. The only default core functionality that is not included in this new method is the checkbox to open the link in a new tab/window. Using target="_blank" is a whole different topic, but I recommend you read this comment by a respected member of the WordPress community, and read the articles he linked to (especially the one on CSS Tricks).

      When you use the term “most of us,” are you referring more to the designers & developers in the WordPress community? Or the everyday, non-technical user? Most non-technical content creators, small business owners, bloggers, etc. just want to add a link—they don’t need any other options.

  2. Firsh Avatar

    I don’t like it either. It’s tedious… Also, when making a list of links, this obscures the next list item. I wish there was a was to turn this off.

    1. Dave Warfel Avatar

      As soon as I hear of way to use the old link modal, I’ll post an update here.

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