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Matt Mullenweg to Give Keynote at Joomla! World Conference


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WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg, has recently been announced as a keynote speaker at the Joomla! World Conference, November 8-10 in Boston, MA. According to the conference’s website, “Matt will talk about the story and history of WordPress, and leave ample time for questions and discussion with the audience.”

While this is more about Joomla! than it is WordPress, any time Matt takes the stage, you can never predict what he’s going to say. If you’ve never heard him talk, he has a unique, forward-thinking, yet simplistic way of thinking about the web. I’m not recommending you drop what you’re doing to go buy tickets, but:

  • if you live in the Boston area, it might be worth it
  • you might want to keep your ears peeled for any new developments, ideas or insight he might let loose on November 10th

Why invite theย founder of (arguably) your biggest competitor to speak at your conference?

I can’t speak for the conference organizers, but this is great news for all of us who build things for the web. The open source community continues to share ideas, with the ultimate goal of making the digital world a better place. We’re glad that Joomla! is embracing open source, and has opened its doors to one of the great proponents of the open source movement.

Any thoughts on what Matt might talk about? Will you invite anyone from other open source platforms to your next WordCamp event? Let us know in the comments.

Looking for more? Peter Bui from Joomla Beat has a podcast interview with Matt about how CMS communities work together to share knowledge & experience.

Dave Warfel

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2 responses to “Matt Mullenweg to Give Keynote at Joomla! World Conference”

  1. Peter Bui Avatar

    I was at the Joomla World Conference and also did a podcast interview with Matt while he was there. You can listen to it at it you’re interested…

    There is a huge amount we can learn from each other, how each community tackles issues and more importantly, how the communities work to build such awesome open source software.

    I think sharing of code, developing, designing and creating awesomeness doesn’t need to end within the boundaries of its own community.

    As an example, I was listening to an episode of WPTavern talking about selling themes on ThemeForest and one of the presenters comments was taking plugin functionality out of the templates and using any flavour plugin that you might want to us in with your theme. I completely agree with that, I should be locked down to what comes out with the theme and thats the way the majority of Joomla templates are built.

    1. Dave Warfel Avatar

      Thanks Peter. Nice podcast. I added a link to it at the bottom of the article.

      And I hope you enjoyed your first time here in the States :-)

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