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5 Excellent WordPress Advertising Plugins to Manage Ads on Your Site


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This is a guest post by Noah from WPEka. WPEka creates WordPress themes & plugins, including WP Ad Center, which is mentioned on this page.

WordPress is the current undisputed king of website content management systems. It’s a versatile platform that is readily extensible to provide a framework for websites of any size or complexity.

Additional features may be added to the system via plugins, which are purpose-built to add specific or extended functionality to the core system. One class of plugins that can be vital to a website’s success involves the management of site-wide advertising.

Monetizing your WordPress website can prove to be good source of decent and stable income. Advertising is probably the best way to monetize your WordPress website. Choosing the right plugin is important.

To help you choose the right one, here are five excellent WordPress ad management plugins.

01WP Ad Center

WP Ad Center WordPress Plugin

WP Ad Center is a powerful and robust advertising management plugin that allows you to manage every aspect of banner advertising on your website. With the premium version of this plugin, you can run advertisements on your website and have the option to either directly offer advertising spots for sale on your website, or Google Adsense, running affiliate banners, Chitika, or ads from any other advertising network. Features include:

  • Unlimited ad zones & banner sizes
  • Detailed statistics
  • Easy to add media
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Advertisers can view their stats online

With WP AdCenter, you can create unlimited ad zones on your site using any banner size. Ad placement has never been so easy. You can place ads anywhere in your website using a widget, shortcode, or by editing your theme files.

02Ads Pro Plugin

WordPress Ads Pro Plugin

The Ads Pro Plugin is one of the most highly rated ad management plugins available for WordPress today. It contains a variety of features that make for flexible and comprehensive ad insertion into any WordPress template. Features include:

  • Geographical targeting
  • Over 25 built-in ad templates
  • More than 20 ad display options
  • Ad blocker bypass

The plugin is frequently updated and well supported. It is designed to be user-friendly so it’s also suitable for novice users. The wealth of features makes it an excellent choice for any WordPress website.


AdRotate WordPress plugin

AdRotate provides excellent support for several different types of advertising, including self-hosted, javascript-based, and affiliate systems. It’s available as a free plugin, with an available paid version that includes extra features. The free version includes:

  • Unlimited number of ads
  • Internal statistics
  • Caching support

The paid version of AdRotate contains features that allow for far more granular advertising control. It enables multiple schedules, mobile support, additional placement options, and a whole slew of other advanced options. It’s a great fit for new websites and allows room to grow.

04Quick AdSense

Designed primarily to allow insertion of advertisements from Google’s AdSense platform, QuickAdSense is a free ad management plugin that works exactly as advertised. It’s also capable of supporting self-hosted ads and other advertising networks. It has:

  • Streamlined configuration pages for easy management
  • Custom widgets for placement anywhere on your WordPress site
  • Support for up to 10 ads at once

It’s not as feature-rich as our other picks, but the simplicity and easy configuration that QuickAdSense offers makes it an attractive choice for WordPress users that don’t have complex advertising requirements.

05WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads plugin

WP In Post Ads is a great choice for those who primarily would like their ads to display inside individual posts on their site. It’s great for collecting and analyzing data metrics to get the most out of your advertising. Key features are:

  • A/B split testing to find the highest performing ad positions
  • Ad insertion before, after, or inside posts (by paragraph count)
  • Option to provide ad-free experience to logged-in users
  • Google analytics support

While not designed to place ads everywhere on a WordPress site, WP In Post Ads provides the tools that users need to squeeze the most profit out of their ad placement. It doesn’t seek to be a universal solution; instead, it strives to be the best at what it does. In that, it succeeds brilliantly and is a great pick for any WordPress site.

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